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Vehicle Servicing

We conduct logbook servicing for all makes and models of:

  • petrol vehicles
  • diesel vehicles
  • LPG vehicles
  • electric and hybrid vehicles

Authorised Safety Checks

We can provide inspections and certifications to get your vehicle’s pink slips, or e-Safety Checks, which verify that your 5-years-or-older vehicle is safe and ready for the road. We can also arrange for blue slips, giving your unregistered vehicle a clean bill of health and ensuring it’s ready to be registered. We can perform these checks on all makes and models of passenger car, light commercial vehicle, 4×4, motorbike, trailer and caravan.

We can also conduct identity and design checks, to ensure that all your vehicle’s mechanical parts are the real deal. We can also conduct safety checks for LPG systems and clear defect notices.

Brake Repairs

We can handle all manner of brake servicing and repairs, including:

  • brake hydraulic checks and repairs
  • replacement of worn brake pads, discs and drums
  • machining of new brake pads
  • restoration of brake disc surfaces
  • and more


Older vehicles or those built for speed rely on a manual transmission unit, and in turn requires that your clutch is kept in top condition to ensure smooth gear changes and minimal mechanical issues. Driving with a poorly maintained clutch can result in severe damage to other parts of your drive train, resulting in more expensive transmission repairs. As with many aspects of car maintenance, prevention is better than repairs.

If you notice issues such as trouble changing gears, higher engine revs without any increase in actual power, shuddering when changing gears, or burning smells from underneath the vehicle, these are signs that your clutch might be in serious need of replacement. Bring your vehicle to Gunning Service Centre and we can install a new clutch for your vehicle, potentially saving you thousands in the long run.

Air Conditioning

We provide a range of services to keep your air conditioning system in top condition, including:

  • air con unit replacement and repairs
  • thermostat replacement
  • hosing checks and repairs
  • certified re-gassing (AU32904)

Auto Electrical Diagnostics

We can provide a range of auto electrical services, including:

  • replacement batteries
  • alternator and starter motor repairs
  • diagnostic scans


We stock and can source an extensive range of tyres for all makes and models of vehicles, and can also offer fitting and balancing services.

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